Tile Cleaning 101

Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

If you are reading this then you are probably look for tile cleaning information…

The basics: ceramic and porcelain tile are cleaned using the same method. We use one of two chemicals, an alkaline or an acidic based soap, depending upon the texture of the floor on which we are working. Let’s say your floor is highly textured, meaning rough and/or pitted. We would use a highly alkaline soap because it works well removing grease and dirt out of the little grooves in the tile. If we are working on grout that has been stained we would use a highly acidic cleaner because it removes a thin layer of grout revealing the clean surface underneath.

Travertine, Marble and Limestone are all cleaned with a neutral based tile soap. This means that it is neither alkaline nor acidic. Acids will ruin your stone floor! Do NOT use acid on your travertine, marble or limestone as it will etch the surface leaving behind dull spots that can only be removed through polishing. See our video on travertine polishing and read more about etch marks on our stone website What is an etch mark? Some house keepers like to use a bit of vinegar in their cleaning buckets… beware that this may dull the surface of your floor as vinegar is acidic.

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