Grout Sealing, is it worth it?

So, you have just spent thousands on installing new flooring. Your pocket book is drained and you are now faced with the decision to seal or not seal. For many, the thought of another expenditure is either not an option or a question as to whether it is a justifiable expense. Well,  I’m here to tell you that grout sealing DOES work. If you don’t seal your grout, it will get dirty and there is no guarantee that it will come clean even with a professional cleaning machine like ours. This article applies to those with a new installation as well as those with existing flooring.

A common misnomer in reguard to grout sealing is that it will prevent your grout from getting dirty.  This is just not true. There is nothing out there that can prevent your floors and grout from becoming dirty. The purpose of grout sealing is to keep your grout from getting stained. 

The best type of grout sealer to use is an acrylic grout stain/sealer. I like this sealer because it lasts for over 10 years and is easy for the homeowner to maintain once we have finished their job.  This acrylic grout sealer acts like a protective shield for your grout. Let’s say you are cooking and the bottle of olive oil gets knocked over, onto the floor, and begins running into the grout lines. Don’t panic! Your grout is sealed! All you have to do is wipe it up with dish soap, water and a sponge! The same goes for other items that could stain your grout…coffee, red wine, spaghetti sauce etc… This acrylic sealer comes in many different colors and can dramatically change the look of your floors. Whether you stay with the original color or change to a new one, you WILL be happy with an acrylic colored grout sealer. I always hear, “My floor looks like new!” or “I love my floors now!” If you are toying around with the idea of tearing out your tile floor because you don’t like the look of the tile or you think it can never be brought back to new, call us! We have many clients who are prepared to rip out their entire floors and change their minds once we have finished restoring the grout!

Now you are probably thinking, “This is too good to be true!” It’s really not. The product is great. It WILL last 10 plus years depending upon the amount of foot traffic coming through the house. Remember, it will still need to be cleaned and freshened up along the way. Also, I have noticed, over the course of my 15 years in the business if you have chairs with wheels such as an office chair, the grout sealer may come off in that area. Sometimes it may fade a bit in the kitchen area, or on extremely high grout lines, after a few years of heavy traffic. That being said, it is still worth the money and effort it takes to seal your floors. We always leave our clients with a bottle of sealer and a brush to touch up any areas needed until we come back for another cleaning.

I hope this gives a bit of insight on grout sealing and helps you to make a decision on sealing!

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