Tile Cleaning

Our tile cleaning process begins with masking off any stainless steel appliances. We then spray an alkaline based tile cleaning solution onto the floor in a 50 square foot area. We scrub each individual grout line down by hand using a nylon brush. **Master Tip** Scrubbing each line is a critical step that many other companies forgo but we believe it to be one of the most important. We then use smaller detail brushes to clean the grout line along the baseboard, as that area is usually very dirty and can get missed by the circular head of the machine. We then use our truck mounted rinse extraction system to clean the tile. Our truck mounted system uses heated water, pressure and vacuum to obtain the best results. Things to keep in mind about the tile cleaning process and expected results… the grout will usually clean up very nicely. However, depending upon the length of time¬†between cleanings as well as whether or not it was originally sealed, will determine weather it will have minor staining in high traffic areas. If this is the case, ¬†it likely will need to be COLOR SEALED to achieve maximum results and uniform coloration. Grout does need to be, and should be sealed and that sealer needs to be maintained. Read more about tile cleaning on our BLOG Like our Facebook Page to get the latest updates and special offers.

Tile Cleaning Process