Travertine Cleaning & Polishing

We begin our travertine cleaning & polishing process by taping off any areas where the tile meets carpet as well as appliances and cabinetry. We then spray neutral based stone cleaner on the floor in a small area. We scrub each line of grout and begin running a 17″ floor machine over the stone to remove dirt and oil from the tops of the tile. A second man follows using a rinse extractor to remove the now loosened dirt, rinsing the floor with fresh water. The process is similar for polishing and followed up with an impregnating sealer which is sprayed over the entire grout and tile area. The last step in our travertine cleaning & polishing process is to buff the excess sealer from the tile. View more pictures in our Gallery. More information on travertine cleaning, polishing and sealing can be found on our sister website, Scottsdale Travertine Polish.

Travertine Cleaning